Affiliate Marketing

Promote your brand and promote effective online sales at a reasonable cost. Costs are calculated based on each order received. Opt in and moderate marketing content.

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Ad template

Supports multiple ad sizes and sizes to choose from.

Unlimited storage

Data (images, files) and unlimited data for the account.

Great solution

Promote your brand and increase sales.


Manuals and support for the construction of Online Marketing campaigns.


Banner ads display contextual, content options, display and remarketing. Ad fraud eliminates invalid clicks and refunds. Real-time accurate statistics.

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Optional choice of CPC or CPM campaign type


Optional display by context, website, and remarketing support.

Eliminate risk

Ad fraud eliminates invalid clicks and refunds.

Ad template

Ad templates are in form and size.

Email Marketing

Sending advertisements to customers via email, ensuring the content of advertising to customers INBOX is 80%. There are no daily limits. Cost is only calculated when the ad content is viewed.

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Easy to use

Web-based software is easy to use and manage anytime, anywhere.

No risk

Expenses are only calculated when received.


Delivery statistics, open daily and monthly marketing content.

Active time

Set up working time for email marketing campaigns.

Private Ad Networks

Meet Media2D Ad Network's need to rent a system for self-advertising or branding online. The service only applies to organizations or businesses.

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Master the system

Support running the system on a separate domain and creating a separate user interface.

Account management

Multi account, manage separate advertiser accounts, publisher accounts and admin accounts.

Perform mining

Exploiting and operating revenue and expenditure activities with partners within the scope of management.

Private information

Imposes separate terms and policies for partners within the scope of management.

Why choose us?


The system we offer does not have any limit to all such as: traffics, clicks, campaigns, budget, banner ads, support, users ...

Admin Theme

Our interface is optimized for easy access and proficiency in a short time. Supports multiple languages for each user.


Statistics are displayed in real time and are backed up regularly. Analytics displays the overview over time or for each campaign.

Timely information

Any change related to the account will be notified via email and mobile device. The information can be sent automatically or manually.

Data Sharing API

Supports connection and sharing of account data with other applications. Connections will be supported for security and to work correctly on shared apps.


We refund 100% of the amount paid to us when your service is registered but not used. Money will be refunded within 24 hours.

our services &

price table

$ 25.0 /mo

Affiliate Marketing

% 15.0 /mo

Private Ad Networks

$ 0.01 /open

Email Marketing


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Take a look at our documentation for more details on the solution we offer.
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